• Best Place to learn English

    At Cameron English Academy you will enjoy learning the language from native speakers and teachers ,all of whom are experienced teachers of English as a foreign language. 

    Best Place to learn English
  • Join with Mark's English Global Club

    Are you studying English? Do you need more practice? Why not take a break from the classroom and join our English Club? Practice your English in an informal environment. Make new friends. 

    Join with Mark's English Global Club
  • Kids Classes Available

    How to Speak English with Kids at Home: 6 Fun Ideas for Daily Learning. If you speak English, you’re able to communicate with 20% of the people on Earth.

    Kids Classes Available

    About Us

    Cameron English Academy established in 2015, serves the English language needs of Local and international students, scholars and visitors. In particular, Cameron English Academy serves two types of students: those admitted directly for intensive English study and those provisionally admitted who need to take intensive English courses in order to meet minimum language requirements…

    The only English speaking platform for everyone

    Are you ready to finally speak great
    English confidently with your friends?
    Discover how with our popular free English online video course.

    Our Services

    Learn with authentic texts, fun grammar exercises, speaking and pronunciation practice, and more!

    Grade 6 to A/L Classes

    Conducting English language classes for children from grades 6 to A/L

    Online Courses

    Providing online courses and book readings for children from kinder to everyone

    IELTS crash courses

    We use the latest teaching methodologies and instruct you to get the best band score.

    Career development programs

    Help you to investigate where your education and experience can take you

    Coaching public speaking skills

    Whether we're talking in a team meeting or presenting in front of an audience, we all have to speak in public from time to time

    Online workshops

    Discover new work and study opportunities worldwide with a range of online English courses

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This page of FAQs shows answers for general questions for everyone. You can also look at.

    We have well prepared courses and classes for kids, school children, university students, working adults and professionals.


    Some of them are,

    • IELTS Crash Courses for beginners
    • Kids Spoken English
    • Adults Spoken English
    • Grammar Plus
    • Basic Grammar
    • Academic English
    • Business English
    • Grade 6 to A/L 

    Currently, we don't accept Online payments through our website. So, you need to transfer your Monthly fees or One-time course fees directly to the bank details which appear on the checkout page. Make sure whether the bank details are correct and the same as we provided before making a transaction.

    Contact Us for assistance

    Every Day : from 7AM to 11PM

    We are located at
    566/2/1 Galle Rd,

    Simply visit our Contact Page to view or get directions through google maps.

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    Don’t take it from us, take it from our students. Check out what they have to say about their experiences and tutors.

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    Our mission is simple : to make learning easier by taking advantage of modern technology pedagogical principles and the latest web technologies. In our videos we use different sources of media to teach you English in a real and authentic way that also happens to be fun!

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