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    Our students and partners come from all over the world. We have students who take multiple semesters with us and we have partners who collaborate on a wide-variety of projects. Some of our partnerships have celebrated five years or more together.

    About Us

    About Cameron Digital University

    13 years of experience

    Cameron Digital University (established in 2015) serves the educational needs of local and international students, scholars, and professionals. We offer a comprehensive range of programs, including English Language courses, Business English, Education Diplomas, DBA programs, AAT, Chartered Accountancy, and Advanced Diplomas in Science, English, Education, Math, Business, Software Programming, Software Development, and AI Development. These programs are offered in collaboration with prestigious universities in the USA and India.

    Cameron Digital University serves over 10,000 students annually through our affiliations with Mark's English Global Club and Shriya Foundation. Our diverse student body includes graduate students, school students, and professionals from around the globe. Our experienced teachers and lecturers bring many years of teaching and administrative expertise from both domestic and international contexts.

    Our students and partners come from all over the world, with some engaging in multiple semesters and others joining us for shorter durations, even just a few weeks. We pride ourselves on our longstanding partnerships, some spanning over five years, and our ability to deliver high-quality education and testing services.

    For more information about our services, courses, or partnerships, please contact us.

    Our Team

    At Cameron Digital University, our dedicated and diverse team of educators brings expertise from a wide range of disciplines, including English language instruction, Business, Education, Science, Mathematics, Software Programming, Software Development, and AI Development. Our faculty members hold advanced degrees in their respective fields and have extensive teaching experience both domestically and internationally.

    Our educators are known for their strong professional skills and a warm, caring attitude, ensuring an enriching learning environment. We offer personalized one-on-one sessions (both physical and online) and maintain small class sizes to provide expert attention and intensive participation, helping you achieve your educational goals efficiently.

    Our Mission

    Cameron Digital University is committed to delivering top-tier educational programs to local and international students. By employing highly qualified and dedicated faculty, and utilizing a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum, we create an ideal environment for academic excellence across various disciplines.

    Our offerings span from English language courses to advanced programs in Business, Education, Science, Mathematics, Software Programming, Software Development, and AI Development. We also provide extensive support services to ensure that students’ experiences are both culturally and educationally enriching, whether they are studying online or on campus. Our mission is to foster rapid academic and professional growth, empowering our students to achieve their fullest potential.

    Meet Dr. Mark Senarath

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    Welcome to Cameron Digital University! I am Dr. Mark Senarath, the proud CEO of this dynamic and innovative institution. As an author, lecturer, and visiting professor at esteemed international universities, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our community. My journey in academia and beyond is fueled by a passion for education, research, and social activism.

    I hold a PhD in Educational Psychology, having studied at both local and international universities. My diverse educational background has equipped me with a global perspective and a deep understanding of the nuances of education.

    Beyond my academic pursuits, I am a motivational speaker, researcher, entrepreneur, and social activist. My mission is to inspire and empower students from all walks of life to reach their fullest potential. At Cameron Digital University, we are dedicated to providing a transformative educational experience that combines academic excellence with practical skills and cultural enrichment.

    Join us on this exciting journey to unlock your potential and achieve your dreams. Together, we can make a significant impact on the world.

    Dr. Mark Senarath

    Vice – Chancellor and CEO of Cameron Digital University
    Mark’s English Global Club, Shriya Foundation,
    Mark Mindfulness Center, Capital T

    Our Courses

    Learn with authentic texts, fun grammar exercises, speaking and pronunciation practice, and more!

    English Language

    Master the English language with our comprehensive courses, designed to enhance your communication skills and fluency.

    Teacher Training

    Equip yourself with the latest teaching methodologies and strategies through our rigorous teacher training programs.

    Advanced Courses in Science

    Explore the depths of scientific knowledge and advance your understanding of various scientific disciplines.

    Advanced Courses in Mathematics

    Dive into the world of numbers and problem-solving with our advanced mathematics courses.

    Advanced Courses in Accounting

    Develop expertise in accounting principles and practices through our specialized advanced accounting courses.

    Advanced Courses in Business Studies

    Gain insights into the intricacies of the business world and enhance your business acumen with our advanced business studies courses.

    DBA Career Development

    Accelerate your career with our Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program, designed to hone your leadership and management skills.

    Leadership Training Programmes

    8. Unlock your leadership potential and cultivate essential leadership skills through our comprehensive training programs.

    IELTS Crash

    Prepare efficiently for the IELTS exam with our intensive crash courses, tailored to boost your exam performance.


    Receive personalized coaching and guidance to achieve your academic and professional goals, tailored to your individual needs.

    Public Speaking

    Hone your public speaking skills and become a confident and effective communicator with our specialized training programs.

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